Kitty was Shaking, Foaming and disoriented–She’s Alive Still

She is alive still, Hope this works for someone else out there, worth a try.
What I did read is listed below, but this is the quicky, not sure if this is what kept our cat alive but at least she is.
1) forced fluids(milk and water) by syringe intraorally
2) Thoroughly, Washed entire kitty with Orange Go-Jo Hand cleaner and Rinsed with lots of water
3) Dried to remove any residual
4) Washed again with DishSoap Dried with different towel
5) More Fluids by syringe milk and water
6) Fed her chicken/sandwich meat after a couple hours when she would finally eat
7) More Milk and water by syringe] 8) She is much better now will keep updated almost back to normal.
Well yesterday I decided to try and get rid of some fleas on my cat. I bought Hartz flea drops at Wal Mart and applied it to her as directed. All was okay until about 4 hours later when we noticed she was really shaky, licking her lips oddly, and not able to walk well. I immedietely went online and found this site. I thought my wife is going to hate me and for sure our cat wouldn’t make it through the night. Well, I acted quickly, and the first thing I did was try and give her milk and water she wouldn’t drink or eat. So I found a syringe without needle, my wife is a nurse and I’m in Dental School so we had some, I intraorally forced fluids into her by lifting her chin and holding her mouth closed while I squirted milk and water into her mouth. I then got the strongest possible cleaner I could think of Orange Go-Jo hand cleaner and washed her with this. This removes about anything even the smell of Fish and Catfish Stink bait I once learned from an old timer. After the first bath I dried her hoping to wipe off any residual Flea Meds then washed her again with DishSoap. I washed all of her body and feet. Then more fluids by syringing. Let her relax. Well after a couple hours she started eating chicken and lunch meat from my hand she wouldn’t touch anything else, but when she dropped it she was so disoriented she still wasn’t able to pick it up. After a good amount of chicken I gave her more Fluids the same way as above. Today she is much improved but still a little lethargic but is almost back to normal even jumping up to look out the window. Hopefully she will be okay. Sorry for all of you that have lost a loved one. San Antonio, Texas

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