Hartz InControl drops almost killed my cat

My name is Richard Goranflo and on the night of April 3, 2007 I purchased Hartz InControl Flea & Tick Drops For Cats 5lbs. & Over. My 11 months old cat, GIR, had been scratching more than usual and I did not see the brand of flea treatment I usually use (Advantage), so I assumed this product would be the next best thing. I applied the first drops as directed at approximately 9PM that night and went to bed. A few hours later he started making more noise than usual, but I didn?t think much about it. He’s a very vocal cat, so I figured he was just being a butt hole and wanted to keep me awake. However, the next morning his behavior started to scare me. He started drooling uncontrollably, having seizures in his back legs and tail, appeared to lack any energy, and hid under my bed. Poor GIR looked miserable and it was my fault.

The first thing I did was hit the net and see if I could find any possible side effects of this medication. Lo and behold I found this site first and became terrified. I called my vet and scheduled an appointment. When I got him in, my vet asked what product I used and didn’t seem surprised at all. Apparently Hartz’s InControl line is supposed to be a new formula replacing the last one that had to be withdrawn from the market, but obviously it isn’t much better.

To make sure GIR was going to recover the vet immediately bathed him, took a blood sample, administered SQ hydration fluids, and gave him a muscle relaxer to subdue the seizures. Luckily GIR pulled through and the blood tests came back indicating that he should be fine.

What was supposed to be an easy solution to a mild case of fleas because a $230.30 vet bill along with half a day of missed work. I just now finished writing them a letter with my attached bill demanding a refund. I implore you, PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT. I feel like an idiot for not knowing, but at the same time I’m furious that one has to research to know whether or not a flea medication may murder your pet.

Feel free to contact me at any time if you have any further questions about what my cat went through.
rgoranflo AT gmail DOT com

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