Small winnie dog extremely sick from Hartz flea drops

I have a German shepherd and two small winnie dogs and I used Hartz flea and tick drops on them. Soon after, my small winnie dog got extremely sick and had runny stool. He is usually very hyper and loveable but now he doesn’t get up from his bed. My wife took him to the vet and told him about the drops. He then informed her about the stories concerning pets and Hartz products. I have washed him several times and we are now watching and waiting to see if he pulls through. He will not eat and has lost a lot of weight. I have two small children who are very worried about our pet and I’m very upset about the whole issue. Dateline or some other news show should do a story on this!

$.97 dealth

We had a family dog. His name was Jojo and he was the cutest American Eskimo. One day mom thought she spotted a flea on the head of our other dog Colbey. Mom decided to buy ordinary flea collars to protect the dogs. About a day later we noticed a yellow/brown “rash” around Jojo’s neck. So just to be safe we took off the collar on all the dogs. Another day passed and Joe showed a sign of being sick. We bathed all the dogs very well hoping this will help his “rash”. Well another day gone and Joe was way too sick so we scheduled a vet appointment and we went. The vet said this wasn’t the first time he heard of this kind of thing. Four days later we had to put him to sleep due the toxic chemicals that entered his body. His kidney’s failed completly so the vet adviced us to put him to sleep so he would not suffer. This is a direct result of a Hartz flea collars. Please take this product off the market.

Compensation and a clean bill of health

I wrote in before about my kitty who was poisoned from Hartz flea spray. It’s been over a month now, and after some very scary days of vomiting, foaming at the mouth, diarrhea, and dropping down to 4.9 pounds, 4 vet visits, IV’s, etc.. I’m glad to say she pulled through. Luckily she was a healthy cat to begin with and I got her into the vet right away. It took a couple weeks for her to start eating and drinking right again, and after her body purged out all the toxins and she got very skeletal, she won the battle.
Someone asked if anyone successfully got compensated from Hartz. I just got a check in today. I had sent in proper documentation (ie…copies of the vet bills, a statement from myself and from my vet, the receipt and upc code from the bottle). The letter stated “after a review of the file, it is not clear our product was at fault…..However as a gesture of goodwill, we are making a decision to reimburse you for professional services rendered…” The check doubles as a settlement agreement. I’m consulting a lawyer now because I believe that the product needs to be scrutinized, and frankley, I’m a bit pissed off that they consider this a “gesture of goodwill”. The vet statement clearly stated that the reaction my cat was having was directly related to the spray.
Anyways, thought this would be usefull to anyone wanting compensation or just hope.

Ultra Guard Plus made Isabelle sick

On Saturday evening, my husband and I treated our cat Isabelle with Hartz Ultra Guard Plus flea drops. She of course did not like this and tried to get it off, but as we put it on the back of her neck at the base of her skull like the box advised, I was not worried. She tried to reach the area with her foot, and later began to shake her hind legs. It was not until we went online 3-4 hours after the application that we realized the leg movement was involuntary and an adverse reaction to this horrible product. We immediately bathed her and called a vet. He said that as long as she did not start to drool or lose balance, she would recover on her own. She has recovered completely after being sick for 2 full days, but I think she might have died if we did not wash this toxic product off when we did.

I called the commissary where I purchased the item, and the manager pulled all Hartz flea treatment from the shelves and is contacting headquarters. This may save a pet’s life. If your animal has suffered from Hartz’s cruelty, please call your retailer and try to get this stuff off the shelves! It is certainly not worth getting rid of fleas at the cost of lives. I am disgusted with Hartz and I plan on letting them know that.

Animal Cruelty!

I can’t understand why this toxin is still being sold off the shelves when it kills animals! Is this not a form of animal cruelty?! Don’t these people use animals to test this junk on? They should be sued for every penny they’ve made off of us! Before I knew of this, I used Hartz Fleas and Ticks treatment on my 6 month old kitten. She got deathly ill, meaning she wasn’t even strong enough to lift her own head. We took her to the emergeny room and they told us what it was. Toxins in the medicine! They washed her so that the medication would get off her skin and that led to her recent upper respiratory system infection. We woke up a few mornings ago to blood all over the floor. Her nose was bleeding because of the U.R.S. infection. So she’s now at the vet, going on 3 days of being fed through a tube because she can’t eat, and her breathing has gotten worse. All of this costing around 700 dollars and it’s all due to using Hartz Flea and Tick treatment! So why this stuff is still being sold on the shelves is beyond me! Today I was at walgreens picking up some medicine for myself…I saw the Hartz collars and the spot treatment so I yanked them all off the shelf and threw them behind some other shelves. Maybe if I do this everytime I go somewhere less and less people will buy their junk! I’m thinking about using a permanent marker and writing WILL KILL YOUR PET! On all of the boxes of Hartz medication. Maybe then those idiots at Hartz will begin to regulate this crap!

my poor dog almost dropped dead.

i would like to tell you about my experience with useing hartz advanced tick and flea drops. i have a terrier mix dog,she’s always been healthy,and never seems to get sick,until i used these drops on my dog,she was sick for several days,wouldn’t eat,and could bearly get around the house. i was thinking these companies would never sell anything bad for your pet,so i was hopeing my dogs problem was from something else. i was dead wrong,and made a horrible mistake by putting on my terrier a 2nd time months later. she got so sick this time i knew for sure it was the hartz product. i washed her over and over and over,she was still terriblet sick for several days. shame on hartz,for knownly selling dangerious products.

gave my 9lb cat hartz flea medicine

I gave my cat the over the counter Hartz flea medicine. The kind you rub on their neck to get rid of the fleas (Like Advantage or Frontline) and she got VERY VERY ill. She was shaking, sweating and extremely lethargic. She had an extremely high fever and was soaking wet with perspiration.

Fortunately I noticed this right away (she came to me and “showed” me how she was feeling) and I washed off as much as I could on her neck area and kept an eye on her for the next few hours.

After washing it off and having her drink lots of water, she improved and I ended up not needing to take her to the vet.

But she was really sick for about 6 hours. Hartz is evil! I’m so thankful that I was observant of her change in mood and that she survived.

I now use diatomaceous earth to keep fleas away.


A couple of years ago, I ran out of Frontline, and decided to use the Hartz flea product on my 5 year old border collie mix. She immediately had a bad reaction, breathing hard and scratching like crazy. The product had an intensely toxic smell, and I knew we were in trouble. I immediately wiped the liquid off, and washed her as good as I could. Even then she still was drowsy for the rest of that day.
I felt lucky that she was young and healthy- because and older animal might have died from this. I immediately checked out other stories on the use of this product, and found many. I also contacted Walgreen, where I had purchased the product, and told them to take it off the shelves- they responded with a politely concerned e-mail, but to this day carry HARTZ products.
I don’t think that restricting the use to healthy animals over 5 pounds will do- Gracie weighed 45 pounds, was very healthy, and still had a severe reaction. I wish this company would be closed down- the warning labels are a joke!