Never use Hartz one spot on older or mildly sick cats

I have used Hartz One spot on my cats for years off and on.

I have several cats. This year 2 of my older cats died within a month
of each other after I used One Spot on them.

I think it is toxic and can kill a cat especially if your cat’s immune system
is already fighting something else you may not even know the cat has.

Just don’t use Hartz one spot. Be safe not sorry.
I feel TERRIBLE about my
2 pets. I wish, wish, wish, I could go back and not use the Hartz One spot. One of my cats was 13 years old and the other was 15 years old both appeared
to be in good health before I used the one spot. Then within a week or so
they quit eating, and the older one started avoiding contact, listless. The vet thought it was just age and gave Steriod shots which seem to even make the deterioating process go much faster.

I thought maybe it was related to the recent Pet food recalls but now I think
it was the Hartz One Spot and because they were too old to handle the toxic
One spot.

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