My dog is almost bald

My dog a fox terrier/rat terrier mix. Who is a very fragile looking thing to begin with now looks more like a chinese crest dog. After using hartz flea shampoo my pooch started to loose hair within 2 HOURS ! Yes 2 hours! He lost over 80% of his hair. I took him to the vet and the vet stated never never ever use any of hartz products. This all happened 7 months ago that is how long it took my baby to grow his coat back. He has a couple of spots left however the vet thinks there was damage to the folicles and it probably will not grow again in that area. I am sure my dog would agree! As he was not fond of the little jackets I had to put on him so he could go out in the wisconsin freezing cold to potty. Please let every one you know who has a pet, thinking about getting a pet about this site. It is very important. This product is bad!!!

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