Hartz Killed My Cat

I had three cats – Eddie, Flower, and Shy. All three came down with fleas, so I got them each a Hartz Flea Collar. I thought these were safe, because there were so many on the shelf at our local PetSmart. PetSmart sells so many high end products, and seem so trustworthy, that I didn’t think twice about using the collar.

Eddie and Flower took their collars off almost imemdiately and I couldn’t get them to leave them on. Shy kept hers on. I wish she wouldn’t have.

Within a few days of putting on the collar, I noticed large lesions on her skin, and Shy started getting unbelievably thin. A week after the collar was on, she dropped from 8 pounds to under 4 pounds. I took her to the vet who advised me to take the collar off immediately. The vet put Shy on some IV fluids and said the best we could do is wait.

Shy came home the next day, still excruciatingly thin. She wouldn’t eat or drink anything. She started vominting and had diarrhea. She had a small seizure in the middle of the night (about 5 am) but seemed to recover. I called the vet at 7 am and made an appointment for 9 am.

Just before we left, Shy got outside. She had never been outside before and had never even tried to get out. She just bolted.

I searched and searched, and when I couldn’t find her, I put up flyers. I offered a reward and searched all the local shelters and rescues. I did all I could to find her.

I did find her, three days later. She was deceased, under my porch. I think she ran away to die. All this because of that stupid flea collar!

I blame two companies – Hartz and PetSmart. PetSmart has the option of carrying this product, and I believe they have a responsibility to ensure that all their products are safe for the pets that they supposedly care so much about. They should have pulled this off the shelves when reports started coming in about Hartz – but nothing is more powerful than the almighty dollar. To this day, PetSmart carries the Hartz products. You can’t tell me they haven’t heard the warnings – they just don’t care.

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