$.97 dealth

We had a family dog. His name was Jojo and he was the cutest American Eskimo. One day mom thought she spotted a flea on the head of our other dog Colbey. Mom decided to buy ordinary flea collars to protect the dogs. About a day later we noticed a yellow/brown “rash” around Jojo’s neck. So just to be safe we took off the collar on all the dogs. Another day passed and Joe showed a sign of being sick. We bathed all the dogs very well hoping this will help his “rash”. Well another day gone and Joe was way too sick so we scheduled a vet appointment and we went. The vet said this wasn’t the first time he heard of this kind of thing. Four days later we had to put him to sleep due the toxic chemicals that entered his body. His kidney’s failed completly so the vet adviced us to put him to sleep so he would not suffer. This is a direct result of a Hartz flea collars. Please take this product off the market.

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