Ultra Guard Plus made Isabelle sick

On Saturday evening, my husband and I treated our cat Isabelle with Hartz Ultra Guard Plus flea drops. She of course did not like this and tried to get it off, but as we put it on the back of her neck at the base of her skull like the box advised, I was not worried. She tried to reach the area with her foot, and later began to shake her hind legs. It was not until we went online 3-4 hours after the application that we realized the leg movement was involuntary and an adverse reaction to this horrible product. We immediately bathed her and called a vet. He said that as long as she did not start to drool or lose balance, she would recover on her own. She has recovered completely after being sick for 2 full days, but I think she might have died if we did not wash this toxic product off when we did.

I called the commissary where I purchased the item, and the manager pulled all Hartz flea treatment from the shelves and is contacting headquarters. This may save a pet’s life. If your animal has suffered from Hartz’s cruelty, please call your retailer and try to get this stuff off the shelves! It is certainly not worth getting rid of fleas at the cost of lives. I am disgusted with Hartz and I plan on letting them know that.

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