Animal Cruelty!

I can’t understand why this toxin is still being sold off the shelves when it kills animals! Is this not a form of animal cruelty?! Don’t these people use animals to test this junk on? They should be sued for every penny they’ve made off of us! Before I knew of this, I used Hartz Fleas and Ticks treatment on my 6 month old kitten. She got deathly ill, meaning she wasn’t even strong enough to lift her own head. We took her to the emergeny room and they told us what it was. Toxins in the medicine! They washed her so that the medication would get off her skin and that led to her recent upper respiratory system infection. We woke up a few mornings ago to blood all over the floor. Her nose was bleeding because of the U.R.S. infection. So she’s now at the vet, going on 3 days of being fed through a tube because she can’t eat, and her breathing has gotten worse. All of this costing around 700 dollars and it’s all due to using Hartz Flea and Tick treatment! So why this stuff is still being sold on the shelves is beyond me! Today I was at walgreens picking up some medicine for myself…I saw the Hartz collars and the spot treatment so I yanked them all off the shelf and threw them behind some other shelves. Maybe if I do this everytime I go somewhere less and less people will buy their junk! I’m thinking about using a permanent marker and writing WILL KILL YOUR PET! On all of the boxes of Hartz medication. Maybe then those idiots at Hartz will begin to regulate this crap!

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