A couple of years ago, I ran out of Frontline, and decided to use the Hartz flea product on my 5 year old border collie mix. She immediately had a bad reaction, breathing hard and scratching like crazy. The product had an intensely toxic smell, and I knew we were in trouble. I immediately wiped the liquid off, and washed her as good as I could. Even then she still was drowsy for the rest of that day.
I felt lucky that she was young and healthy- because and older animal might have died from this. I immediately checked out other stories on the use of this product, and found many. I also contacted Walgreen, where I had purchased the product, and told them to take it off the shelves- they responded with a politely concerned e-mail, but to this day carry HARTZ products.
I don’t think that restricting the use to healthy animals over 5 pounds will do- Gracie weighed 45 pounds, was very healthy, and still had a severe reaction. I wish this company would be closed down- the warning labels are a joke!

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