My two cats are on IV tonight

I live in the UK. Last night I applied some Hartz 3 in 1 Flea and Tick drops for Cats to my cats. (I had purchased the item in the US, as it is not sold here).
Very quickly Tristan developed a reaction. Usually a very silent kitty, he started howling and growling and his body went into spasms. His skin was twitching and his pupils became dilated.
I called the emergency 24 hour vet, and was advised to bring Tristan in. As I live out in the country it was a long drive to the vet. When we got there, Tristan seemed to be improving, so he was sent home with me with no treatment and a $160 call out bill.
However, today he got worse. I had been advised to bathe both cats in warm soapy water. Tristan spent the whole day in one place and having little tremors. he growled from time to time, and did not eat or drink. Treacle, the other cat, had not received as much of the drops, having scampered away before the full dose could be given. He seemed fine last night, but today much of his fur had come away from the spot where the drops were applied. he was not trembling but was twitching a lot on the skin and was very distressed. He kept hiding.
I sent an email around to some vet lists where I began to hear about the horrors associated with this product. Instead of chastising myself for being over worrisome, I decided to take the cats back to the vet. Tonight they are both on iv drips and having their kidney function monitored. As far as I can tell, neither of them has eaten or drank in the past 24 hours.
I hope tomorrow I can report back some good news, but after reading some of these stories i am very very worried.
has anyone successfully gotten compensation from Hartz?

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