My do Merfie died I believe due to Hartz

Two years ago we put Hartz flea and tick drops on our 6 year old dog. Soon after he started having seizures and losing hair on his tail and ears. Then he began losing weight. A couple weeks later he began bleeding from his anus and had to have an anul gland surgery which costed hundreds of dollars, then he just kept going down hill losing weight and getting sicker he ended up having to have all but nine of his teeth pulled due to an infection which costs another hundred dollars. Then we decided to try another vet and he diagnosed him with hypothyroidism and put him on a medication that just wouldn’t work. He then went down hill quickly and passed away this afternoon and I believe that all his problems stem back to the day we used Hartz on him. It breaks my heart and they should pay for what they have done. I watched my dog suffer and I know it was all cause by the flea drops. He was a healthy happy dog and his personality also completely changed after we used the product. It just isen’t fair.

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