Distressed Pets

I wanted to add to the knowledge of what these products can do, and the other day my husband told me that he’d found a website that I wish we’d found before all the heartache we’ve been through.

Sparkles, a gorgeous diamond eyes calico that we got for my daughter on her birthday was as pampered a kitty as ever lived. She slept on my daughter’s bed and ruled the house. Sparkles was pregnant after a while and we joyfully awaited the arrival of kittens. We own a farm so cats are always welcome. She had her 5 babies and the Vet suggested, and sold at his facility, Hartz products. When the babies got old enough we started buying toys and my daughter was head over heels mad about giving the kittens baths. Maybe the second time she did it, she came running to me crying that one of the kittens was acting funny and on inspection we found it walking oddly, running into walls and acting disoriented.

We took the kitten to the vet and were told that it had an ear infection, not common but a plausible explanation I thought, and gave us info and instructions to fight it. We took our kitten back it’s adoring child and mama, not worried at all about it. less than a month later we had to bury a kitten. Because we didn’t know about Hartz problems it was followed by two of its brothers and sisters. Baths had stopped and we were keeping the kittens, who were both weak and sickly, away from my daughter (which broke her heart) and they were kept in a back bedroom which we cleaned and scrubbed out to make sure there was nothing there to hurt them.

They lived though Joan seems to have problems hearing and her brother Erkmore hates any toys and won’t go near the bathroom, I think he’s afraid we’re going to wash him. We told everyone we know that they should stay away from the badly diagnosing Vet and Hartz and I hope every tear jerking story on this site serves to make people more aware of how horrible this company is. Love your pets and don’t submit them to the unsafe things Hartz comes out with.

Jacqueline Ramsey
Outside Hibbing, MN

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