Buttons and Hartz

Way back when i had a dog named Buttons. She was my love. We did everything together, we were attached at the hip. She was only a few months old when we got her and that was why I was suprised when I realized that whenever I bathed her with my Hartz shampoo her legs would go limp. I stopped using it and everything got better so i decided to try it again. This time, her legs went even more limp and she was no longer a happy dog, she looked like a thirteen year old dog when she wasn’t even three years old. So finnaly my husband and I decided to take Buttons to the vet. They told us she had cancer, and even though family and friends assured us that it was just her we KNEW it was because of the Hartz products. We decided we should put her down, it affected us in so many ways, we weren’t as cheerful anymore, we were sad and depressed. Then we decided we would get a new dog. We used normal shampoo not hartz. We were shocked when a family friend suggested we used hartz products.

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