Worried about my cat and Hartz Onespot


I recently purchased some Hartz Onespot topical treatment and Hartz cat shampoo for my cat to treat his fleas.

So after I gave him a bath with Hartz Advance 2 in 1 cat shampoo I also applied some Hartz Onespot treatment.

I would consider myself an educated consumer so naturally I went out looking for information online. That?s when I came across this website. I was taken back and scared for my cat.

I immediately put him in the tub and showered him off. He had the treatment on him for about 2-3 before I found this website. From what I saw online it seems that Hartz only relabeled the old product. I’m not taking any chances or will I ever purchase any products from Hartz. I will also inform all my friends with pets about Hartz products.

I want to thank you for having this up to spread awareness and educate others.

I hope my cat is well or I will be very upset.


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