It’s True! My cat is hospitalized RIGHT NOW!

I never would have thought to look up this website until I returned home from the Animal Hospital today leaving my 3 year old Persian hooked up to IV’s and catheters. I’m so upset and angry. You know how people always talk about hindsite…I wouldn’t have thought that something sold at Walmart could be so dangerously toxic to my cat.
My cat had a few fleas on her after her return from the groomers last week, and it wasn’t time to put frontline on her again until next week, so I thought I’d just buy some Hartz 2 in 1 flea spray.I sprayed some on her Saturday night. Sunday morning I noticed she was not looking good, kind of lazy, and hiding. It went from that to urinating on herself, having diarrhea, and shivering. By this morning, she was shivering uncontrollably, lethargic, hadn’t had any food or water, vomiting, and had a rapid heartbeat. I got her to the vet and they admitted her immediately. She had a low body temperature, high heartbeat, dehydration, lethargy, etc… They think she’ll be alright, but we’re still waiting to get the final results. That $2.97 bottle of flea spray has cost me 360 dollars plus in vet bills, and the health of my cat. I’m still waiting to find out if she’s going to be OK as I write this.
The funny thing is, when I called my vet, and when I got to the Emergency Vet Hospital, both asked me the same question “Did you use Hartz products on her?”.


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