Hartz stole his last breath….

I will NEVER forget my beautiful Journey who was and Sheltie and a show dog……

Well like normal I would give Journey his bath, but I didn’t just use Hartz I used Bio spot. Now I’ve never heard Hartz or Bio Spot harming pets until now.=( Every time Journey got his bath his back legs would go limp. So I of course stopped using the products. About a couple years later Journey wasn’t his normal Happy-go-lucky self….

We took him to the vet and we were told he had cancer. I was stunned. I thought how could this happen to him? He was so young and I felt I never gave him the attention he truely diserved. I know these products killed him. And Right after I submit this story I’m going to go dump out every Hartz product I own. Maybe even start a petiton because I hate to see another animal die in front of me like he did.

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