My 2 cats affected- possible solutions I am trying

I used Hartz one spot on my two cats (1 yr old 6 pnds) and (6 yr old 12 pnds) two weeks ago. BOTH cats are now missing fur in the area where the hartz POISON was applied. Both cats have developed itching swelling and scabs in those areas where it was applied. My six year old cat has been lethargic, does not want to be touched, and BOTH cats drink ALOT of water all of a sudden- All symptoms reported by other pet owners here on this site. I thought perhaps the cats were just having problems with fleas WHICH BY THE WAY ARE STILL PRESENT… I happened upon this site after realizing that the areas where they are missing fur are the areas I applied the hartz.
Now, the ONLY reason I believe these cats are not dead or Even worse off is because I SPLIT the dose between them… Yes, I split ONE TUBE for the both of them, as I HATE to use chemicals on my cats..
NOTWITHSTANDING my kitties are having a VERY hard time- especially the older one.
My theory is that ONE: The younger, lighter kitty drank alot of milk that had accidentally spilled onto the floor about 2 hours after I put the Hartz one spot on her.
Milk is often used immediately after accidental poisonings. My older, heavier cat did not drink the milk.

I have not bathed them yet as I just found the site, and will do so tonight.


I am going to call them first to explain the situation, but, being familiar with human detox kits I think this may help the kitties tremendously. I am making sure to use a kit SPECIFICALLY designed for PETS ONLY.. Will report back the results, please, if anyone else has had or does have any luck with such, reply to my post.

I also just gave my older cat some yoghurt to coat her stomach and try and replace some of the naturally occuring flora which helps her digestive system…Healthy bacteria cultures in the yoghurt should help, and I am quite sure anything that was in her system has been killed off by the pesticides used by hartz.

THIS IS HORRIFYING and I hope Hartz is shut down for good sometime soon.

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