hartz products

i am a veterinary technician and i would like to say something to everyone. Hartz products are very damaging, especially the flea/tick drops. they have started marketing their product under “spot-on” or some such name which is not associated with hartz but is still just as damaging. this is misleading to the consumer. i cannot count the times a client has come in with a sick animal showing unusual signs and they say they did not buy hartz, they bought “spot-on”. what makes it even worse is that the product does not work. if you are lucky and your pet does not have an adverse reaction, you still won’t be rid of fleas. as a technician i understand that flea prevention treatments are expensive, however most vets are willing to sell a month at time. this is more expensive in the long run but more feasible for people in a financially tight situation. if nobody bought this product, it would no longer be on the shelves. a month’s worth of frontline or advantage at our clinic in oklahoma is $16. i know this seems high but think of the money you are saving on vet bills to treat the effects of the cheap drops.

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