Cat Flea & Tick Spray

I used the Hartz Cat Flea & Tick Spray

on my 4-year old cat. A day later, I noticed she was acting VERY odd (even for her). She would dart from one side of the room to the next at any little sound, and I also noticed that she was drooling profusely. By day three, I noticed that she wouldn’t raise her head to look at something, and it looked as if her head was slumped over her left shoulder. After further investigation, it was apparent she could barely move her head, if at all. I called my vet and she told me to give her a bath immediately and to get the flea spray off of her fur. I did, and she seemed better by the end of the week. She was moving her head like normal, and she seemed like her playful self again, so I thought it was all over.

Two weeks later (yesterday) I noticed my cat wasn’t around much, and her food bowl was nearly full. I found her lying on the floor. She had died sometime after I had fed her Saturday night. Her muscle mass was normal, so she had not been dehydrated; she was lying in a pool of her own drool which suggests neurological disfunction, most likely from poisioning.

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