It’ll kill the fleas, and the cat

Aiko= 14-year-old high school student on spring break
Ana= 9-year-old sister
Kirara= Ana’s cat
Buyo= Aiko’s cat
Suzu= Their mom
Chiaki= Their dad
Kasu= 14-year-old cousin who is visiting
Eizan= 16-year-old brother
Kagero= 11-year-old brother
Sammy= The family dog

March 2006- Spring Break in the Hillsborough school district

Aiko: Mama, the cats and dog are itching themselves something crazy… Did dad get any medication yet?

Suzu: He’s at the store right now

Ana: When can we go to Busch Gardens?

Kagero: Yah who cares if they have fleas, they can wait

Aiko: Oh shut up… You know thats not nice Kage. I dont want my Baby Buyo to be ithcy -.-

Suzu: We’ll leave after your father gets back… hey, where are Kasu and Eizan?

Ana: Playing with Kii-chan (Kirara)

Kagero: Dad’ll be back soon so I’ll go tell them to get ready
(leaves the room)

(Chiaki gets home with a flea medication for the dog and for the cats… Its Hartz Advance Gaurd)

Aiko: Yay, daddys home. Baby Buyo looks like shes gonna rip her skin off…

Chiaki: Dont worry I’ll take care of it

Aiko: Will it be okay to use an over the counter?

Suzu: Oh stop bothering your father

Ana: C’mon Aiko lets go get ready to leave

(they leave and Chiaki takes Kirara, Buyo, and Sammy out into the lanai and applies the medication while Kasu, Eizan, Kagero, Aiko, and Ana are getting ready to leave. After everything is taken care of they all pile into the van and head to the ammusement park. The cats and dog are left outside in the lanai…)

Aiko: I’m worried about our pets -.- Was it really a good idea just to leave them there?

Ana: Eh they’ll be fine

Kasu: You worry to much shortie

Aiko: -.- hey, im 9 days older than you -.- shut up about the tallness.

Eizan: Well you are short.

Aiko: Just shut up. Anyway I’m still worried about Sammy Kii-chan and Baby Buyo…

Kagero: Haha, you are such a worry-wart loser… 😛

Aiko: You know what!!! (she forgets all about her worry and starts chasing her brother)

Chiaki: We’ve been here for a few hours, anyone else ready to go home?
(it was already late, around 8 pm, Suzu and Chiaki were tired out from watching 5 kids all day)

Kasu: Aww, c’mon… You dont wanna leave do you Aunt Suzu?

Suzu: Aha… uh… hmmm…

Aiko: Ah okay fine… Yo, chibi ppl and tall loser (referring to her siblings) Lets go, we’re leaving.

(They leave the amusement park and head home, Kasu and Eizan dont even bother doing anything and immediately crash out in Eizans room… But Aiko and Ana went looking for their cats… only to find something terrible…)

Aiko: Kii-chan??? Whats wrong with Kii-chan shes on the ground shaking violently… And Buyo’s face and paws are twitching horribly…

Ana: Kii-chan… -she goes over to her cat- Kii-chan Kii-chan whats wrong…

(she goes to touch her cat, who suddenly begins crying out in pain… She started having a seizure, flailing herself violently)


(immediately everyone came running. Kagero went to check on the dog, who was perfectly fine, and even Eizan and Kasu came running)

Chiaki: Damn… the normal vet isnt open this late… The nearest emergency vet is 30 minutes away…

Ana: I dont care!!! Help Kii-chan!!!

(Chiaki grabbed the cat and quickly put her in a kennel, rushing off in his truck)

Aiko: What about Buyo? Shes twitching horribly and she dosent look too good…

Suzu: We’ll take her if she dosent get any better

Aiko: But what if it gets worse then we cant help her?????

Kasu: Yeah she looks like shes dying

Ana: we have to take her too!

Eizan: … (to proud to say anything in concern for the cat)

Kagero: Mom, we need to get her to the vet

Suzu: Stop pestering me!!! This is soo stressful will you guys stop bothering me!!!

Aiko: But shes my cat!!!

Suzu: Okay fine!! Lets go, but you have to hold her, we dont have another kennel

(Aiko holds her cat in her arms as she, Suzu, and Ana pile into the van. The boys stayed at home)

Aiko: Baby baby it’ll be alright… Itll be alright…

(suddenly Buyo started crying out like Kirara… and also began going into a seizure)

Aiko: Buyo!!! BUYO!!! Please please!!!

(she held her cat tight and tried to calm her down in a desperate attempt, crying as her cat cried in pain. After a few minutes Buyo calmed down again and they drove to the vet hospital, where they informed them about the flea and tick medication they used and its side effects on cats. They took the cat and washed the medication off, and informed them of the poor state Kirara was in… They brought them to go see her… she looked horrible. They had to do a lot to sedate her, and her eyes were wide and painful)

Vet: Listen, Mr. Fuyuko (chiaki), Buyo has a chance, but… honestly… there isnt much of a chance that… Kirara will live…

Chiaki: I… see…

Vet: I’m sorry Ana, she was your cat, right?

Ana: She IS my cat >_< and she is gonna live (crying) Aiko: C’mon Ana… lets… go wait in the car…

(the next morning Aiko and Suzu went back to get Buyo… They also saw Kirara, who was still in horrible shape)

Aiko: poor Kii-chan… Im so sorry…

Suzu: Lets go…

(they left and took Buyo home, who seemed to be severely drugged and could hardly walk)

(The next morning they recieved news that Kirara had gone into cardiac arrest and died the night before…)

(Buyo stayed in her sad state for over a month before regaining her posture, and even after that, the cat seemed brain damaged… She acted like a little kitten even though she was almost 3 years old *previous to this she had been one of those calm, collected cats who was always self sufficient*)

Hartz Advance Gaurd took Kii-chan away from me and my sister, and cost our parents over 1000 dollars in vet bills, and I will never forgive that -.-

Issabelle’s incident

Yesterday my aunt’s six year old cat was found outside havin a seizure. My aunt put Hartz flea stuff on her a couple of hours before that.It was New Years Eve and was on a Sunday and all the vets were closed.The two emergency places that were open were way to far.It has been two days and she still is doing all the jerking and can’t walk or nothing.I did some research and found out that Hartz knows that this is killing many animals and it is still on the shelf.This animal product is practically found in every store and it needs to be off the shelves.It is killing animals,mostly cats.So they ere actually selling something to kill your animal.Its like if you want your animal dead go get Hartz flea shampoo and it shouldn’t be that way.Its wrong something needs to be done!

Shampoo caused Seizures

I tried Hartz flea shampoo on my cat back in 2003 and I noticed my cat very subtley twitching afterward. I rushed her to the vet immediately and when I was questioned what I used on her the first words out of their mouth were “was it a Hartz product” ? They told me they see bad cases all of the time and they would never recommend this product it was harmful to most animals. Luckily my sweet babycat survived otherwise I would’ve been suing the heck out of that company, I had her from the time I was 7 years old, now 29.

Don’t use Hartz please pass it on….

Hartz Flea Dip almost Killed my dog

I had never owned a dog before, and this one just showed up on my front porch. The little guy was so cute that I located the owner and they said I could keep him (they had 12 puppies + the 2 parents). Once the dog was 6 months old, I decided it was safe to start dipping him. I purchased Hartz Brand Dip. Within one day my dog was acting lethargic, within 2 days my dog had stopped eating and by the third day he wasn’t drinking so I frantically drove him to the vet. The vet had to give him intraveneous antibiotics, several pills, checked him for various diseases. He asked if I had done anything different with the dog, I told him about dipping him and the vet said that he would NEVER make a record of it, but the Hartz dip commonly kills off dogs. He stated that he knew of various vets that had made complaints to the company, but that the company just keeps making the dip. Because of this, I stopped using anything made by Hartz.

Piqua Ohio

Don’t take her away >_

Last Spring Break (March 2006) My cousin came to visit my family (we’re both in High School) and our 2 cats, Kirara and Buyo, and our dog, Sammy, had a flea problem. My dad decided to use the hartz medication on our pets while we went to an Amusement park with my cousin, and when we came home a few hours later our dog was fine (he was a really big dog), but one of our cats was under a chair having seizures while the other cats legs and face were twitching violently. My dad immediately rushed Kirara, the one having seizures, to the nearest vet hospital which was 30 minutes away (it was 9 at night so we couldnt go to a regular vet). Buyo’s twitching didnt get any better so 5 minutes later my mom drove while i held her in my arms on the way to the same vet hospital. On the way there she started having a violent seizure. Once we got there they immediately washed the medication off the cats, telling us that that product had a history of symptoms in cats. Kirara was in extremely bad shape, they didnt think shed live long, Buyo thankfully wasnt too bad. They said shed only have to stay overnight. Kirara was actually technically my 9 year old sisters cat, and she wasnt very happy about the cat she loved being like this. Buyo was technically MY cat, and I was also upset. The next day we could take Buyo home, but she didnt end up really recovering for a month or 2, and she has lasting brain damage. She acts like a newborn kitten again, and shes 3 years old. However Kirara wasnt so lucky. She died that night when she went into cardiac arrest.