Two Puppies Die from a bath with Hartz Shampoo

We gave our 2 month old Jack Russell puppies a bath with Hartz dog shampoo. Within a half an hour, the littlest one had a seizure and died. It couldn’t walk or drink or anything. We weren’t sure what was happening, and she was gone.

Shortly down the road and the second puppy progressively got worse everyday. I honestly believe it was from the shampoo. Her chest area was bulging but her stomach was real thin. (even after she ate) I thought it was strange, but now I know that she was sick from the shampoo. The poison in the shampoo killed both of them.

Unfortunately, we found this site after the fact. But I thank God you are making people aware. After all, the dog breeder we got our pups from now know to warn others, and I am sure have saved several animals lives from Thanks. Melissa [email protected]

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