My cat is very sick now. Nothing I can do.

Well about four days ago we gave our cat Sophia, Hartz OneSpot. Flea and tick product. Ever since she has been feeling ill. Basically shes lethargic. She does not really move unless its to eat a little bit or drink a little bit. Oh and to use the litter box still. She also seems really sensitive to touch. She growls if I touch her too much. I thought at first that it was kind of a temporary side effect or what not. But I noticed her getting worse and worse. We called a vet and basically they said all we can do for her is bathe her and keep her warm and hope for the best. So to save us some money they told us thats all we could do and thats all they would do.
Im feeling very angry and sad because my baby is sick and theres nothing I can do but be patient. Im not a patient person. I also feel guilty for even giving it to her. I cant lose her. I will be filing those complaints. I will spread the word about these products and their effects. It would be a crime not to do so.
Thanks for listening.

Stephanie from Rockville Connecticut.

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