Hartz Food Killed Our Rat

We just buried my roommate’s pet rat. The food he was eating was so hard that his teeth got broken off, and he swallowed them. When we found him in is cage, he was barely moving and would not respond to us. The poor baby wasn’t even six months old yet. We had feeding him LM Animal Farms Classic Mouse and Rat Food. When we got him out of the cage, we started looking up the food online to see if it was the problem because the rat had diarrhea. It’s a Hartz brand, but Hartz doesn’t list it on their website anywhere and you can’t find it to buy it anywhere online at all. It’s almost looks like they want to make it disappear. Something was wrong with that food, and now Hartz has claimed another life. I know this isn’t connected to the flea and tick products on this website, but it is another Hartz victim. And now my roommate has lost her best friend.

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