11 wk old kitty with hair loss

I just recently adopted a kitten from the local amimal shelter, and when i got home i noticed she had a good bit of fleas. I was out of town for the holidays, so i wanted to get rid of her fleas before i brought her back to my home in Florida, because i have a dog as well, and i didnt want Gena(the kitten) to give fleas to Lucy(the dog). So as a last minute decision i went to Walmart at like 9pm, to get some of the Hartz for Gena. I figured I’d used the flea collar on Lucy so I didnt think twice of harm being done. Well the next day, my boyfriend had to take his cat to the vet bc of an injury. So while he was there he asked the vet what else we could use on Gena to get rid of her fleas. He didnt mention the Hartz he just said we’d tried some things that didnt work. We used the product that is the same concept as Frontline. I dont remember the name. Well the vet gave my boyfriend one dosage of Advantage. Well on our way back to FL, my boyfriend called me and told me that Gena had a bald spot on her back where we had put the flea medicine. We didnt think much of it, we just figured it was too strong for her fine hair. But when we got home i called the emergency vet and asked them if that was normal. I told them we had used Hartz and Advantage, explaining that hartz did not work and advanced seemed to be the one that knocked off the fleas. But as soon as i mentioned the name Hartz, she told me never to use that product again!! She also asked me if there were other symptoms besides the hair loss. and i said no….I felt so guilty about it! i wanted to go back and take it back! I wish I would have waited to get Frontline. But i researched it more the next morning, and i found this website, that explained that more could happen. So i’m thankful that thats all that happened, but i’m still very angry and guilty. I hope her hair will grow back, i’ve been told that its not gauranteed. She does have peach fuzz on the bald spot, but its very tough and has some pus. So i’ve been washing it with antibacterial soap, and putting neosporin on it. Shes goin to the vet for her first shots and stuff so, hopefully the vet will have something better to do to help it. If anyone has anymore info on what i can do to help her injury, please please please let me know!!

Shes my first kitten and i feel so terrible about what i have put her through, even tho she is not suffering from anything neurological. Just a bald spot, but still its a terrible feeling everytime i see it. Please help.

I cannot even believe that will all these problems its still on the market! It just shows what people will go to to make money!! I hate it!! We need to get this stuff off of the market!!

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