January 3 2007

Just about an hour ago I bought the Hartz Ultra Guard plus drops for cats, for kittens and cats under 5 lbs. My kitten is 5 and a half months old and has alot of fleas she’s an indoor kitten and I rescued her. I have tried other shampoos to get rid of the fleas and decided to buy the Hartz drops. Within 10 minutes of applying the drops I noticed that she was foaming at the mouth and drooling, I immediately rinsed her off and called the Hartz emergency number and the office was closed. I then called the veterinarian and was told to wash her again and bring her to the office. I then found this website and noticed that many of the products were supposed to be recalled and taken off the shelves. This is Jan 3 2007
and I brought this from a very large department store chain , I have also called the store manager and they were unaware of any problems with Hartz, which also happens to be a brand they sell alot of. If anyone can tell me if the drops I bought are supposed to be dicontinued please let me know.

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