Hartz Flea Dip almost Killed my dog

I had never owned a dog before, and this one just showed up on my front porch. The little guy was so cute that I located the owner and they said I could keep him (they had 12 puppies + the 2 parents). Once the dog was 6 months old, I decided it was safe to start dipping him. I purchased Hartz Brand Dip. Within one day my dog was acting lethargic, within 2 days my dog had stopped eating and by the third day he wasn’t drinking so I frantically drove him to the vet. The vet had to give him intraveneous antibiotics, several pills, checked him for various diseases. He asked if I had done anything different with the dog, I told him about dipping him and the vet said that he would NEVER make a record of it, but the Hartz dip commonly kills off dogs. He stated that he knew of various vets that had made complaints to the company, but that the company just keeps making the dip. Because of this, I stopped using anything made by Hartz.

Piqua Ohio

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