Don’t take her away >_

Last Spring Break (March 2006) My cousin came to visit my family (we’re both in High School) and our 2 cats, Kirara and Buyo, and our dog, Sammy, had a flea problem. My dad decided to use the hartz medication on our pets while we went to an Amusement park with my cousin, and when we came home a few hours later our dog was fine (he was a really big dog), but one of our cats was under a chair having seizures while the other cats legs and face were twitching violently. My dad immediately rushed Kirara, the one having seizures, to the nearest vet hospital which was 30 minutes away (it was 9 at night so we couldnt go to a regular vet). Buyo’s twitching didnt get any better so 5 minutes later my mom drove while i held her in my arms on the way to the same vet hospital. On the way there she started having a violent seizure. Once we got there they immediately washed the medication off the cats, telling us that that product had a history of symptoms in cats. Kirara was in extremely bad shape, they didnt think shed live long, Buyo thankfully wasnt too bad. They said shed only have to stay overnight. Kirara was actually technically my 9 year old sisters cat, and she wasnt very happy about the cat she loved being like this. Buyo was technically MY cat, and I was also upset. The next day we could take Buyo home, but she didnt end up really recovering for a month or 2, and she has lasting brain damage. She acts like a newborn kitten again, and shes 3 years old. However Kirara wasnt so lucky. She died that night when she went into cardiac arrest.

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