Oh My poor cat

I had NO idea a sight such as this or a problem such as this existed-I wish I had known before I bought a Hartz collar and put it on my cat this past sunday-about 30 minutes later he had thrown up-I took the collar off him and threw it away-3 days later he is still throwing up and sleeping all the time-I called the vet today and without me even telling them they knew it was a Hartz collar I must have used , my cat better recover or these A holes will have a serious lawsuit-why is this even available to buy-it is poison I even got hives on my face after putting it on him.

My Pug has a similair reactor to the liquid flea medication.

About 2 years ago I bought Hartz Medicated Flea dip (3 small tubes in a package) from my local Walmart. I put the first tube on my 27 pound adult Pug and 2 days later he had a hole is his neck and an open sore with missing fur at the application site. I had applied the medication between his shoulder blade son his back as directed on the packaging. I noticed that he kept scratching the area, and this he was missing a little patch of fur after the first 24 hours. I immediately called my vet and they advised me to give me a bath with oatmeal shampoo. The following morning it was oozing and liiked red because he kept scarthing the are. I took him to my vet and ended up paying to get his neck shaved, medication applied, and soft cast wrapped around his neck to keep him from scrathing. The spot didnt heal for weeks, and it took months for all his hair to gro back. They should be put out of business.

Hours and Hours of Vommiting


So I’m sitting at home with my 4 month old husky and I hear her making a choking noise so I quickly look to see what she’s just put into her mouth. It appears nothing is wrong and she goes back to playing and I to my business until I start smelling something that resembles her dog food. I turn to look and she has thrown up. I had at first thought that it was my fault for playing too roughly with her after she had just eaten so I get to cleaning it up, midway through I find her by the door throwing up again. I run to get something to wipe the second mess and before I can get back in time she has thrown up two more times. Obviously something is wrong so I take her to the laundry room and waited there for her to try and get rid of whatever it was that’s making her throw up so much. Lo and Behold, 3 hours in, she’s exhausted and still not done. I had noticed that she had on the flea collar about 30 mins after she began throwing up and took it off. I tried everything so I decided to read the Hartz Box, it warned of vomitting and said to wash her if she was and of course she stops vommiting. Luckily she’s returning back to normal slowly although she is still atm VERY weak. If I only had known…

Hartz should be ashamed…BEWARE of HARTZ

My Poor Dog Mia

I was directed to this site by chance. A member on another site had just heard rumors of the ill effects of Hartz products. As soon as I started reading your stories, the symptoms were so familiar. About a month ago, my 1 yr old chow/shepherd mix dog Mia had a seizure that lasted for 3 hours. She was unresponsive, not eating or drinking, and her head and body were trembling. She would occasionally try to stand but she was unsteady on her feet. She vomited twice. After blood tests at the vet revealed nothing, they told me it might be the early onset of epilepsy. About a week ago she woke again having a milder seizure, simply shaking her head over and over again and tracking her eyes across the room. As soon as I read all these stories so similiar to mine I went to the flea medication I regularly put on my two dogs and lo and behold, it is Hartz brand. And when I match up the dates of the seizures and when I put the flea stuff on, it matches all too well. Thank you so much for showing me the potential damage I was causing my dog.

HARTZ Toxicity

I had never heard of any dog product on the market that has ever harmed a pet until I bathed my two Shih Tzu?s in Hartz Flea Shampoo. A few hours after bathing them my female (Hanna) began having seizures and my male (Buddy) began to tremble. Unfortunately my husband and I where out of town and unfamiliar with any vets in area, so we started calling every vet we could. As soon as we found a vet that was open her first question was did you bathe them… we answered yes, the next question was – was it HARTZ shampoo? When we answered yes she advised us to wash them both with Dawn dish soap and bring them in. Unfortunately the nearest emergency vet was an hour and a half away, by the time we arrived at the vet Hanna had been seizing for at least two hours. Both of our animals were admitted with what the vet called Hartz toxicity! Shortly after Hanna died, fortunately Buddy lived. According to the vet this is a very common issue, it is not new and Hartz is aware of it. With hundreds of dollars spent and one less dog at home I’m left wondering why a product like this is still on the market. I am actively spreading the word NOT to use Hartz products, and I advise anyone who has lost a pet or has received an outrageous vet bill due to Hartz products to contact the company and request full reimbursement. Hanna died suffering and I expect nothing less then the cost of my vet bills as well as the cost of my dog in return.

We are Lucky

I have a dog named Wesley, a Westie. Well for a few months we were using Hartz Dog Shampoo. Well our dog started not having very clean fur and was itching alot. When we took him to the vet she asked us what company. We said Hartz and she told us that it had been killing dogs. Wesley is only one so we are very lucky we found out on time.

Shampoo caused ulcer on my dog’s eye

I shampooed my dog back during the summer with the Hartz Mountain Flea and Tick Shampoo because my dog was miserable from the fleas. I was very careful not to get it in her eyes. The next morning when we woke up, her eye was closed. I took her immediately to the vet and explained that we had shampooed her the day before. She is very hard to rinse well because she has such thick fur because she is a Border Collie mix. The vet thinks she was licking on herself and got some of the residue from shampoo in her eye. She gave me some ointment for her eye, but it would only clear it up temporarily. I took her back and they gave me some drops, still to no avail. She is still having problems with ulcers on that eye. We never had this problem until we shampooed her with that shampoo. This happened back during the summer and her eye has not cleared up completely yet!!!!!

Mary Jane’s Mom

hartz earmite drops are dangerous

My kitten is 3 months old and she has had earmites for sometime now. I went to petland discounts and they suggested I use hartz earmite drops. She would meow really loud like if she was screaming when I would put them in. She would not let me touch her ears and her ears became really dry and red. She developed mucous and this dryness in her ear it became hard and started peeling. She had crust around her ears and inside. The crust was very thick and hard. Her ears are peeling and her head was twitching. Since I stopped using them she is better playful back to her old ways. Marilyn is also more happy. Dont use Hartz Product it is horrible she is still a baby and it hurt her I just wish I could of found this website before I used the product.

cotton (1yr 6mo) Cali (almost 4yrs) my cats

on the 24th november 2006; i put the hartz product for cats and kittens on my 2 cats, do to fleas being overwhelming. i have never used chemicals on my cats before, i didnt believe in it. and i definately dont for sure. i put the hartz product on my 2 cats at 6pm. i then stayed up for 12 hours to make sure they wouldnt clean one another or themselves. and for all you cat lovers you know that females are very anal about keeping clean. i fell asleep on the 25th november 2006 at about 6am. i woke up at 9am, and thank god i did. Cotton my youngest (also the off spring of cali) was in the hallway in a puddle of her own blood, i started freaking out, i went next door to my neighbors house, i banged on her door until she answered; then she ran to my house, i picked up cotton and we went to the emergency vet. by the time we got there Cotton had already bled so much that my shirt was soaked to my skin. the vet couldnt help her she was put to sleep. my neighbor took me back home and came in my house to make sure the other animals were okay, that is when we found Cali on the kitchen floor seizuring, we rushed to the emergency vet again to where thankfully she was able to be saved, close to 600 dollars later, my vet then told me that they have had over a hundred cases this year do to HARTZ, and that she tells everyone who comes in to never use that product. i wish i would have known before hand, i just wanted my cats to stop itching so much to where they bled behind their ears. i lost my baby, and so did Cali. how do you explain to my cat that her child passed away? it took Cali over 72 hours to regain her balance and strength, and when she did, she went straight to the hallway and non-stopped meowing while looking at me.
i have a horrible vision in my head from holding Cotton while bleeding and having seizures in my arms. i am disabled an unable to drive, if my neighbor wasnt there, i would have lost both my cats. Cali is still living, but her demeanor has deffinately changed. thank god for Calis strength, and to my neighbor who saved Cali, and who tried to save Cotton. my neighbor paid the vet bills, since i was broke, she has an extremely awesome heart to save my Cali even though we have barely said anything to one another for the 3 years i have been at my home.
i am still awaiting to see if HARTZ is going to pay my vet bills!!