To Bob White

You are totally in denial regarding this product called HARTZ. Just because your HUGE Rottie’s were not effected, doesn’t mean that this product is good. You have big dogs and it is taking it’s toll on them in a smaller amount. It could be internal on your dogs too.

This is a horrible product HARTZ FLEA DROPS, (from experience) we almost lost our cat 12 years ago. It clearly was the HARTZ product. She went into convulsions and still has problems with Advantage with some twitching. We don’t use it all the time.

I believe that you Bob White, may have used this product far too long on your pets and it may have effected your thought process. If you truly loved your pets, you would not continue to use it with so many, many reports of what it has done to other family pets?

I can’t afford Advantage either (they get it about every 6 months or so), but I would use NOTHING before I used HARTZ. Nothing is better then poisoning my family pet.

Now let’s work on EBAY and other selling sites that are allowing this poisoning product to be listed to sell or auction off to ANOTHER UNSUSPECTING VICTIM.

I have a “blog” on ebay now and we discuss this site. I refer people to ALL THE TIME. Thank you Josh, and keep up the good work.

Margie B =^..^=
Washington State

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