Stop killing our family members…

I have 5 cats …they are my family. Three of them I rescued off the street and would do anything for all of them.
They are indoor cats and go out in the yard with me in the summer.
This fall I put the flea and tick drops on all of them, in case they had picked up sand fleas from outside. I thought I was helping them …Not hurting them.
My Alpha Lucy ended up with what looked like a severe burn between her shoulder blades the next day. She lost all her fur in that area and burnt her down to her flesh. It was horrible. Blood from the wound in her fur around her neck.
She was afraid to come near me for a week and would cry to me …as if to say ” what did I do mommy and why did you hurt me??
I talked to my son about this and he told me of this website.

What are you people thinking??
These cats are my family and they have other family members (human or not …children and Grandchildren) in our houses that would miss them dearly.
My children are grown and gone and I have found through thick or thin, they (my cats) don’t judge you and depend on you to take care of them not hurt them.

I bought my products at Wal Mart and would hope they pull this product from their shelves. As I have read …they have heard many complaints, so they are aware of this problem and should be concerned about what their customers think.
They should want to be part of the SOLUTION …not PROBLEM.

A very loving concerned pet owner,
G. Claxton

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