Christmas Story

We have recently moved from Texas to California and been having problems with fleas like crazy. We brought along Joey, a 18 lb. Maine Coon / Tabby mix and adopted Adler, a small (very small) 1 year old Tabby mix 2 months ago. We were leaving for Christmas Eve and Christmas and I noticed the fleas were really starting to bother both cats. I went and bought Hartz brand flea and tick shampoo and the cats had been wearing the Flea and Tick drops on their necks. I bathed both cats and we then applied a second round of drops. Right before we left, Adler defecated on the carpet. We cleaned it up and left for Christmas church. When we returned the following day (Christmas) we found Adler dead under our bed. We have nothing else to think but that she had heart failure or was sick (she was always a strange cat, but not really any pertainent health problems, more personality quirks). She was only a year old and not showing any signs of illness. After finding this site, it would seem that the drops could have very well killed her. Our other cat is seemingly okay, but he is also 3x Adler’s size and I am still taking him to the vet to get checked out. I will NEVER use those products again. This was my first pet that I adopted myself (Joey was my husband’s cat and he had him when we met) and now I feel terrible. I wish we would’ve been home to know what really happened to her…

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