our 3 loving cats

We recently brought our 3 cats to the vet to have their annual check up and a flea bath and treatment. The 1st question the vet assistant asked us was “Have you treated your cats with any flea treatment?: I replied, “Yes with Hartz ointment.” The look on her face was one I will never forget. She said, “Oh, don”t ever use that again. It can make your cat very, very sick.” I was so upset. I asked” How sick? Is it something treatable?” Her response was, “NO”. I asked how quickly we would notice a bad reaction and she, in turn, asked how long ago we used the product. I said”4 days ago. She said “You probably would have noticed something by now, but keep an eye on them for a few days. Later on, I was in the waiting room and overheard her talking to the other assistant. She said, “When we bathe the cats, make sure we use something really strong to get all of the Hartz off of them. We felt guilty for trying to “help”our cats. The vet said we would have no way of knowing that the product was dangerous, and not to beat ourselves up, just learn from it. Well, I took it a step further and hung up a sign at the local dog park warning all to stay away from Hartz products. It infuriates me that a product can be made so readily available to consumers and be a killer at the same time! So far our pets have shown no ill effects, except their hair fell out at the site where we applied the Hatrz ointment. That tells ya something! Thanks for cereating this site. We need to keep spreading the word!

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