My Poor Silk

I used Hartz Flea and Tick drops on my cat Silk 2 weeks ago.
Since then she hasn’t ate on her own and drank on her own, she will not even move.
I called my Vet and she said that Silk had been poisoned from the Hartz brand products.
If you use Hartz brand products KNOW THIS!
My Vet said that 80% of poisonings and pet problems of this nature come from using off brand products such as Hartz on your pets, they cause Liver damage and harm other vital organs.
My cat is slowly dying and if it weren’t for me force feeding her, she would be dead now.
I have called Hartz and they have agreed to pay my Vet bill incurred, so they know their products are not safe for animal use.
So if you read this and take the cheap way out and your animal dies or suffers, it’s your own fault, you have been warned now.
If you want to use a product on your animal, pay the extra 5-7 dollars and get a safe product from your vet and help keep your animals safe.

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