I’ve had Dogs all my life and have used Hartz flea collars on all but my present pet,
Which i am currently using their flea drops..Never had a problem… my present Dog
Bud , a Rottweiler/Husky.Is almost 12,has a Beautiful shiny coat and no Fleas.
I also always buy Hartz Shampoos and only use them on My dog..and always have.
If the folks at front line and advantage didn’t charge so much maybe your website wouldn’t be necessary..or could be devoted to more practical causes..
I don’t need to write anomymous i speak all facts from a lifetime of dog ownership
i’m 62 and my name is Bob White.
PS: My vet charged me 50$ a pop for frontline for years now i buy hartz for
16$..Money talks & Bullshit walks..So.. Walk on Mr or Ms Anonymous.

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