My Poor Dog Mia

I was directed to this site by chance. A member on another site had just heard rumors of the ill effects of Hartz products. As soon as I started reading your stories, the symptoms were so familiar. About a month ago, my 1 yr old chow/shepherd mix dog Mia had a seizure that lasted for 3 hours. She was unresponsive, not eating or drinking, and her head and body were trembling. She would occasionally try to stand but she was unsteady on her feet. She vomited twice. After blood tests at the vet revealed nothing, they told me it might be the early onset of epilepsy. About a week ago she woke again having a milder seizure, simply shaking her head over and over again and tracking her eyes across the room. As soon as I read all these stories so similiar to mine I went to the flea medication I regularly put on my two dogs and lo and behold, it is Hartz brand. And when I match up the dates of the seizures and when I put the flea stuff on, it matches all too well. Thank you so much for showing me the potential damage I was causing my dog.

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