Hours and Hours of Vommiting


So I’m sitting at home with my 4 month old husky and I hear her making a choking noise so I quickly look to see what she’s just put into her mouth. It appears nothing is wrong and she goes back to playing and I to my business until I start smelling something that resembles her dog food. I turn to look and she has thrown up. I had at first thought that it was my fault for playing too roughly with her after she had just eaten so I get to cleaning it up, midway through I find her by the door throwing up again. I run to get something to wipe the second mess and before I can get back in time she has thrown up two more times. Obviously something is wrong so I take her to the laundry room and waited there for her to try and get rid of whatever it was that’s making her throw up so much. Lo and Behold, 3 hours in, she’s exhausted and still not done. I had noticed that she had on the flea collar about 30 mins after she began throwing up and took it off. I tried everything so I decided to read the Hartz Box, it warned of vomitting and said to wash her if she was and of course she stops vommiting. Luckily she’s returning back to normal slowly although she is still atm VERY weak. If I only had known…

Hartz should be ashamed…BEWARE of HARTZ

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