HARTZ Toxicity

I had never heard of any dog product on the market that has ever harmed a pet until I bathed my two Shih Tzu?s in Hartz Flea Shampoo. A few hours after bathing them my female (Hanna) began having seizures and my male (Buddy) began to tremble. Unfortunately my husband and I where out of town and unfamiliar with any vets in area, so we started calling every vet we could. As soon as we found a vet that was open her first question was did you bathe them… we answered yes, the next question was – was it HARTZ shampoo? When we answered yes she advised us to wash them both with Dawn dish soap and bring them in. Unfortunately the nearest emergency vet was an hour and a half away, by the time we arrived at the vet Hanna had been seizing for at least two hours. Both of our animals were admitted with what the vet called Hartz toxicity! Shortly after Hanna died, fortunately Buddy lived. According to the vet this is a very common issue, it is not new and Hartz is aware of it. With hundreds of dollars spent and one less dog at home I’m left wondering why a product like this is still on the market. I am actively spreading the word NOT to use Hartz products, and I advise anyone who has lost a pet or has received an outrageous vet bill due to Hartz products to contact the company and request full reimbursement. Hanna died suffering and I expect nothing less then the cost of my vet bills as well as the cost of my dog in return.

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  1. Hanna was my grand puppy. She was the sweetest little fur baby and we all still miss her tremendously. Her brother Buddy went through a year of depression and still has respiratory issues and is extremely fragile. My daughter contacted Hartz and their only advice was to read the label before using their products. The audacity of a company to continue producing a product that is a known KILLER is beyond my comprehension.

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