Shampoo caused ulcer on my dog’s eye

I shampooed my dog back during the summer with the Hartz Mountain Flea and Tick Shampoo because my dog was miserable from the fleas. I was very careful not to get it in her eyes. The next morning when we woke up, her eye was closed. I took her immediately to the vet and explained that we had shampooed her the day before. She is very hard to rinse well because she has such thick fur because she is a Border Collie mix. The vet thinks she was licking on herself and got some of the residue from shampoo in her eye. She gave me some ointment for her eye, but it would only clear it up temporarily. I took her back and they gave me some drops, still to no avail. She is still having problems with ulcers on that eye. We never had this problem until we shampooed her with that shampoo. This happened back during the summer and her eye has not cleared up completely yet!!!!!

Mary Jane’s Mom

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