cotton (1yr 6mo) Cali (almost 4yrs) my cats

on the 24th november 2006; i put the hartz product for cats and kittens on my 2 cats, do to fleas being overwhelming. i have never used chemicals on my cats before, i didnt believe in it. and i definately dont for sure. i put the hartz product on my 2 cats at 6pm. i then stayed up for 12 hours to make sure they wouldnt clean one another or themselves. and for all you cat lovers you know that females are very anal about keeping clean. i fell asleep on the 25th november 2006 at about 6am. i woke up at 9am, and thank god i did. Cotton my youngest (also the off spring of cali) was in the hallway in a puddle of her own blood, i started freaking out, i went next door to my neighbors house, i banged on her door until she answered; then she ran to my house, i picked up cotton and we went to the emergency vet. by the time we got there Cotton had already bled so much that my shirt was soaked to my skin. the vet couldnt help her she was put to sleep. my neighbor took me back home and came in my house to make sure the other animals were okay, that is when we found Cali on the kitchen floor seizuring, we rushed to the emergency vet again to where thankfully she was able to be saved, close to 600 dollars later, my vet then told me that they have had over a hundred cases this year do to HARTZ, and that she tells everyone who comes in to never use that product. i wish i would have known before hand, i just wanted my cats to stop itching so much to where they bled behind their ears. i lost my baby, and so did Cali. how do you explain to my cat that her child passed away? it took Cali over 72 hours to regain her balance and strength, and when she did, she went straight to the hallway and non-stopped meowing while looking at me.
i have a horrible vision in my head from holding Cotton while bleeding and having seizures in my arms. i am disabled an unable to drive, if my neighbor wasnt there, i would have lost both my cats. Cali is still living, but her demeanor has deffinately changed. thank god for Calis strength, and to my neighbor who saved Cali, and who tried to save Cotton. my neighbor paid the vet bills, since i was broke, she has an extremely awesome heart to save my Cali even though we have barely said anything to one another for the 3 years i have been at my home.
i am still awaiting to see if HARTZ is going to pay my vet bills!!

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