Jesse’s Tail

On Tuesday November 6, 2006, my husband applied Hartz Flea and Tick drops to our 7 year old cat Jesse. Within a half hour, my husband and son were trying to wash it back off. Our cat was running around like she was trying to get away from it, she was scratching at herself and she was just acting strange.
On Thursday morning when I woke up, Jesse was asleep on my legs. When I went to move her so I could get up, she started trembling uncontrollably. Her whole body was shaking violently. Even her tail was trembling. Her pupils were huge and she just didn’t look at you right. Any sound or touch would send her into a seizure like state. If I left her alone, they would ease up, but they wouldn’t go away.
We took her to the vet, who immediately gave her medication and then a bath to wash the drops off of her. She still has twitching across her shoulders and has swelling where my husband applied the drops.
Our Jesse survived, but how many cats have to be killed or injured before Hartz pulls these drops off the shelf?

I was lucky – my sister warned me…!

My sister has worked in a veterinary clinic for many years and warned me of the problems with over-the-counter/do-it-yourself pet products. One day she received a telephone call from a panicked woman who said she had applied flea control drops to her dog, and within minutes the dog began to tremble and froth at the mouth. By the time she could reach the telephone and call the vet’s office the dog was unconscious. They rushed the dog to the clinic but the dog was dead by the time they arrived – less than one hour from application of the product. My sister also had some horrible stories of major internal and rectal damage due to over-the-counter worming products. Why is this stuff even available???!!!!

Hartz Ear Mite Drops Nearly Killed My Kitty

I purchased Hartz Ear Mite Drops from Petland Discounts to treat a stray kitten (about 7 months old) which I had adopted. Several hours after using Hartz ear mite drops on my kitty, he became severely ill – crouched over, unmoving and panting for air. His nose was completed blocked with mucus and thick saliva hung from his mouth, creating a really bad odor. He refused to eat or drink. The next day he was the same, plus his eyes were half closed and dark fluid from them streaked down his face . He did manage to walk to and use the litterbox, but still no eating or drinking that I saw. I was half expecting to come home to a dead cat, but thank God he survived. This morning he was a bit more mobile but still lethargic and hunkered over, with mucus and saliva all over his face, which he wouldn’t let me clean, as though it hurt too much. It broke my heart to see my normally playful, affectionate and lively Willy so deathly ill. Called Hartz and filed a complaint. Their answer was to bathe him (which probably would shock him more and kill him) and to return the unused portion with the UPC code for a refund. DON’T USE THESE DROPS! They should be banned. – Brooklyn, NY

I work at a petstore…here just some of the stories i know are true about HARTZ

An elderly teacher had a golden retriever, she did not have the time to go to her vet and buy some advantage for her dog. So she went to walmart and bought the right size amount of hartz for her dog, the dog not even a day later started seizing and before she was able to get him to the vet he suffered to his death. the dog did not eat anything toxic did not change his diet, so really the one dose of insexpensive over the counter flea remedy killed him.

a man around his early 40’s came into my store and asked to buy some advantage for his cat. he told me that he learned his lesson about flea products the hard way, he bought hartz flea drops for his 4 year old cat and it died within two days.

many customers have reported to me that hartz caused their cats to have horrible seizures after applying heartz, and they cats will still have sporadic seizures years later from it! this is just with cats, because most dogs end up dieing from their seizures.

i will be glad to get names, addresses , and phone numbers from these people to help the cause as well.

Hartz Kills Again

Hartz has killed again. We purchased a small kitten (approximately 6-7 months old) from a neighbor. We felt that we “rescued” the kitten because the little kitten was always hanging around our business, under cars, in the parking lot, etc. Well, the kitten probably would have had a better chance at survival had we not taken her. Shortly after bringing her home we noticed fleas on her. We purchased a Hartz product, intended for small kittens, and applied as directed. This was a VERY active, playful kitten. A few days later she began to show signs of fatigue, no appatite, and had very sad eyes. After a day or so of not eating or improving we took her to a vet. After extensive tests and a bill of over $400.00 the vets determined that she had been poisened by the flea medicine. She died the next day. This product MUST be removed from store shelves.

my nails

I should have known immediatly that their was something wrong with the Hartz flea medication. Upon applying it to my cat my fingernail polish started to come off.
My cat now has small bumps around her neck and scratches it a lot. She has an appointment to see the vet. She is also tired and sleeps like the dead, sometimes she doesn’t come to eat when it’s time too.

I have two cats. I used the Hartz Flea and Tick drops on both of them. One cat was fine but the other one seemed puny after being treated. I didn’t know that it was the drops. I treated them again the next month (using half a dose per cat) and the same cat became lethargic for 3-4 days before recovering her appetite and energy. I thought she was just sensitive to these drops. I had to stop using them because this cat was very thin and threw up a lot. I had a hard time getting her to eat. I thought it was my fault for repeatedly treating her with these drops.
I have used another Hartz product (the 2 in 1 Flea and Tick spray) on a kitten. He seems to have some paralysis in his hind legs. I feel like it is important to note that I never used the full application for kittens on him. I only hope that Hartz will take these claims seriously. So far, I have not been blessed with children and these animals fill part of that void for me.

dog save cats life but long night to recovery for our 2 year old cat.

It started like any other day we were doing our monthly flea control when we used the product. I had gave her a bath the day befor and she was doing just fine. I grabed a tube of Hartz (3 and 1) and followed the directions to the “T”. I applied the drops to her and she was fine for the first four hours. I was cleaning my house around 4:00 p.m. when my jack russel started to act wierd and bitting at my feet and running to the end of the couch . When i went to see what was wrong i saw her, head to the floor and her feet were extended out as if she was hit by a car, locked in that state. I grabed her and laid her on her side not knowing what to do i called the emergency animal hospital. They told me to immediatly wash her with dawn soap and warm water. I did that and for hours she just shook convulging and seizureing non-stop for the whole night. All i wanted to do was to care for my 9 years old daughter’s cat’s flea problem. My daughter has alleriges to fleas and she has grown to love this cat like a human it stays in her room till she gets home and follows her every where. In the back of my mind all i could think was if this cat dies how will i tell my daughter. After that evening we took her to the vet he said thanks to your dog’s good tranning she will be just fine. I never thought i would have to think (if i buy this will it kill my cat or dog?). i am glad to know about this site because of all of the responses of this issue we knew what to do. Our cat, Sassy, is doing fine and will make a full recovery but i will never forget the night i went through for her to be ok. I dont see how it is possabel for this product to be allowed to on the market i think 7,000 complants in a six month period should grabb the FDA’s attn..

Hartz Ear Mite Treatment For Dogs

My pooch, Rascal, has battled ear mites for the past few years. Typically I would use the powder from Tractor Supply, but recently ran out. Wal-Mart does not carry the same product, so I opted to use the Hartz Ear Mite Treatment for dogs. Lastnight around 8:00 p.m. I put 5 drops in each ear. The dose suggested is 5-10 drops for 16 to 30 pound dogs, and 10-15 drops for 30+ pounds. Rascal weighs 51.6 pounds. This morning when I got up at 8:00 a.m. he was holding his head sideways, shaking his head slowly back and forth, and instead of being his cheerful usual self, he went and hid under the kitchen table. I coaxed him out with a dog treat and he stood there with his head sideways….still slowly moving his head from side to side. I thought he may have had a reaction to the ear mite medication, and I was, indeed, correct. He had puss coming out of both ears, and they were both red and inflamed. I can only imagine what it would look like if I would have used the FULL dosage. I immediately took him to the bath and flushed his ears with lukewarm water to provide temporary relief. I called 1-800-275-1414 which was listed on the back of the Hartz package and the lady IMMEDIATELY asked me for my name, address, phone, dog’s name, dog breed, lot number of the package, place where package was purchased, symptoms that Rascal was having…and told me to get him to the vet. She also gave me a Claim# and told me to send a copy of teh billing invoice to them , as well as the unused portion of the ear mite medication, and a copy of my store receipt. I called the vet, and they asked to see him as soon as possible….so I loaded him up and took him for a ride to the vet. He is now on 4 different medications, and is laying around like he is just drained of his energy. His 7th birthday is coming up in about a week, and I am actually scared for him. The vet has him on Prednisone 5mg, Ciprofloxacin 250mg, Malaseb flush, and Otomax 15gm. My dog has to take two different pills twice a day, plus he has to go through me flushing his ears and rubbing in the ointment from the vet. Isn’t he in enough pain already??? I am supposed to take him back to the vet in 2 weeks. Today’s appointment cost me $96.41, so the next appointment SHOULD be less UNLESS he has to get MORE medication. I feel so guilty! I tried to help Rascal with his ear mites, and I bought a brand that I thought I could trust, and my dog is now suffering. My vet had NEVER seen this kind of reaction to the Hartz Ear Mite medication….Rascal was their first patient with this type of reaction. He had puss coming out of his ears….and it is still there…but HOPEFULLY the meds will take care of it. I am sending a COPY of my bill, my receipt, and the unused portion back to Hartz in New Jersey. This is ridiculous. I was worried that he would have a reaction from the flea and tick drops….but I never imagined that the ear mite medication would do this. He is in pain….and I know he is probably mad at me for putting it in his ears to begin with. He is always so good at getting his ear powder (he loves having it rubbed in) but today he won’t let me even touch his ears. Can anyone help?