Was refunded, but not done with company issues, need help….

I submitted a story back in October called… Bad Reaction after 2 hours. Please read if you get the chance. This is the second half to my story. I am happy to say that my cat has made a full recovery. I did wind up calling Hartz and making a formal complaint. I was told by the operator to write a letter to the company explaining what happened to my cat and include a copy of the vet bill, the product box, vet bill and the vets diagnosis. I did all of this and in the letter I asked that they refund my money I spent at the vet because of their lethal products. I am happy to say they did reimburse me for my whole vet bill. However they did not admit that they were at fault or apologize. In addition, they did not tell me what they were going to do to make sure that this dose not happen again. When I cash this check I can’t sue them. Although, I am not done, I want this stuff off of the shelves just like everybody else. Does anyone know how we can go about doing this? The thought of another animal or family having to go through this makes me angry. Please if you can offer me any information or maybe we can even start some kind of petition against them I am all for it. My email address is: [email protected]


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