Worked at a vet clinic

I worked at a veterinary clinic for 10 years and was amazed at the amount of pets that came in from toxic reactions to Hartz products. I have seen people spend a lot of money on pets that had product applied. One particular case was 2 kittens that were bathed in Hartz shampoo and had a toxic reaction. They came into the clinic and were in shock. They spent many days in the clinic with neurological damage. I felt bad for the owners who spent a small fortune to help the kittens get through it. I am glad to say that the kittens did go home but one of them was still sick for the longest time. I just could not comprehend how Hartz was able to continue selling their products and killing these animals. I was so glad to be able to educate clients on proper products to buy for fleas and ticks and to let them know how dangerous Hartz really is. Clients were very shocked to know that something that could harm their pets is being sold on store shelves. I would like to know if anyone has tried to speak to their local stores to convince them to pull Hartz products off the shelves?

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