My kitten- Dangerous Situation by Hartz flea spray

The day I adopted Lilly, a shy silver tabby kitten, I discovered she had a little flea problem. I purchased the Hartz flea spray and read the directions. I stayed on the safe side and rubbed only a little into her fur. Just seconds later, little Lilly began foaming at the mouth terribly. I rushed her to the bathroom and washed all of it out of her fur. I called the vet and told her about the event and I took Lilly in to be examined the next day. She was going to be fine.

Later I searched the bottle and saw a tiny pull back tab. When I pulled it back, it told me that it was only meant for kittens at a certain age. I was very angry. The fact that Lilly could have died and the fact that the appropriate age range was almost completely hidden from view really set me off.

Luckily Lilly has grown to be a beautiful “young woman”, but sometimes I still think of that Hartz product and how it could have cut Lilly’s life short.

My advice:
Before you use a pet product, you should search for information about the product and see what other users have said. This can ensure your beloved pet’s safety and health.

Newfield, NY

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