2 kittens so sick from hartz flea and tick spray

I adopted two 3 month old rescue kittens on the weekend, and planned to take them to my vet in a few days when they had settled in. I noticed fleas on one, and someone brought me hartz flea SPRAY (not the drops that so many have written about here). It said on the label that it could be used on kittens older then 8 weeks. Mine were 12 weeks, but to be on the safe side, I used the product sparingly, spraying it into my hand and wiping it over their coats. They started getting sick right away. I immediately tried to towel off as much of the product as I could, and hoped it was temporary.

To make a long story short, it is now 24 hours later, and they are still not well. The vet advised me to bathe them, which I did. Even so, I can still smell some of the product remaining on their fur. They were shaking, vomited, and had some diarrhea. Now they are doing much better, but I am really angry that a product which can make animals so sick is sold over the counter.

If I hadn’t bathed them, or used as much as the label suggested, I don’t know how much worse it would have been. I’ve seen a lot on this site about the drops, but the spray is also no good.

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