Zodiac Poisoned my Cat

My fiance accidently gave our cat the dog version of Zodiac Spot On flea treament and she was severly poisoned. We have a dog as well so he just grabbed the wrong package. Both packages look identical. The dog treatment does say “do not use on cats” but its VERY VERY small… too small.

My Kitty (yes thats her name!) was severely tremebling and non-responsive. I rushed to emergency care and while there she had a seizure. Now its a waiting game. She has to be observed for 72 hours. The vet says she may never recover.. soo sad..

I simply cannot believe that a company such as ZODIAC that makes products for both dogs and cats would create packaging that is so similar. They should be totally different so owners cannot make this mistake. Is there not a different way to formulate this treatment so it wont kill animals? It should say in HUGE letters on the front, WILL KILL CATS!

I also need to mention that my vet said a cat could be poisoned even from being around a dog with the Zodiac treatment! This is unbelievable!

All I can say is DONT USE THESE PRODUCTS, EVEN ON YOUR DOG!.. please.. and I’m going to tell every person I know to not use them and I may even set up a table and talk with strangers about the danger of ZODIAC.

Thanks for listening…

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