Jesse’s Tail

On Tuesday November 6, 2006, my husband applied Hartz Flea and Tick drops to our 7 year old cat Jesse. Within a half hour, my husband and son were trying to wash it back off. Our cat was running around like she was trying to get away from it, she was scratching at herself and she was just acting strange.
On Thursday morning when I woke up, Jesse was asleep on my legs. When I went to move her so I could get up, she started trembling uncontrollably. Her whole body was shaking violently. Even her tail was trembling. Her pupils were huge and she just didn’t look at you right. Any sound or touch would send her into a seizure like state. If I left her alone, they would ease up, but they wouldn’t go away.
We took her to the vet, who immediately gave her medication and then a bath to wash the drops off of her. She still has twitching across her shoulders and has swelling where my husband applied the drops.
Our Jesse survived, but how many cats have to be killed or injured before Hartz pulls these drops off the shelf?

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