It Killed Her

My dog, Koody, A Bishon Frize cross maltese, had fleas. So I went to the local pet store, the staff were wearing hartz shirts. I asked them for the best flea stuff the had, so they gave me hartz. When we got home I applyed the drops to Koody. She was only 1 and half years old. About an hour later she started trembling violently, after that day by day she got worse, she couldnt walk and she had trouble standing up. I had to feed her with a baby bottle. I took her to the vet and he said he had never seen anything like it. 1 month after I put the drops on her she died. I found her lying under a bush. I cryed for week, and almost had a breakdown, prevent this happening to you and your pet by NEVER, NEVER USING HARTZ!!! NO HARTZ PRODUCTS ARE SAFE!!!!!
And please if you ever see a Hartz product in a store, PLEASE, Ask the manager to stop selling it imediatly!

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