Hartz Ear Mite Drops Nearly Killed My Kitty

I purchased Hartz Ear Mite Drops from Petland Discounts to treat a stray kitten (about 7 months old) which I had adopted. Several hours after using Hartz ear mite drops on my kitty, he became severely ill – crouched over, unmoving and panting for air. His nose was completed blocked with mucus and thick saliva hung from his mouth, creating a really bad odor. He refused to eat or drink. The next day he was the same, plus his eyes were half closed and dark fluid from them streaked down his face . He did manage to walk to and use the litterbox, but still no eating or drinking that I saw. I was half expecting to come home to a dead cat, but thank God he survived. This morning he was a bit more mobile but still lethargic and hunkered over, with mucus and saliva all over his face, which he wouldn’t let me clean, as though it hurt too much. It broke my heart to see my normally playful, affectionate and lively Willy so deathly ill. Called Hartz and filed a complaint. Their answer was to bathe him (which probably would shock him more and kill him) and to return the unused portion with the UPC code for a refund. DON’T USE THESE DROPS! They should be banned. – Brooklyn, NY

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  1. I used this on my cat. It seems like a layer of her skin on the inside of her ear is peeling off. I have used it before with q-tips in a very small amount b/c my dog tries to lick it out while they cuddle and she ‘nurses’ on his chest. So my fiance convinced me it was okay to put more in this time (like the package says). I think she is okay.. it is a really thin layer, and the skin underneath looks healthy. She will let me touch them, but they are pretty red. I haven’t been though just in the case there is something very wrong. I can’t get into the vet, and there is a snow store coming tonight. Has anone experienced anything like this?

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