I work at a petstore…here just some of the stories i know are true about HARTZ

An elderly teacher had a golden retriever, she did not have the time to go to her vet and buy some advantage for her dog. So she went to walmart and bought the right size amount of hartz for her dog, the dog not even a day later started seizing and before she was able to get him to the vet he suffered to his death. the dog did not eat anything toxic did not change his diet, so really the one dose of insexpensive over the counter flea remedy killed him.

a man around his early 40’s came into my store and asked to buy some advantage for his cat. he told me that he learned his lesson about flea products the hard way, he bought hartz flea drops for his 4 year old cat and it died within two days.

many customers have reported to me that hartz caused their cats to have horrible seizures after applying heartz, and they cats will still have sporadic seizures years later from it! this is just with cats, because most dogs end up dieing from their seizures.

i will be glad to get names, addresses , and phone numbers from these people to help the cause as well.

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